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Stand Boldly Against Slavery

Over 40 million children, women and men are enslaved today. Together we’re going to end that abuse.

What does slavery look like?

At 10 years old, Mamtha wanted what most girls her age want: to be in school, to write, to draw, and to play with her friends. But Mamtha was a slave. For two years her every day was spent under the control of a harsh man who cared little for her family’s health or happiness. She cared for the family's needs while her parents spent 16 hours hauling mud and filtering sand in putrid sewage water. Her father had been a farmer, but a severe drought left his family deeply in debt. On accepting what seemed like a helpful loan, they were trapped.

No one has the right to own another human being. No one has the right to violently assault and abuse someone who wants a fair wage, freedom for their family, or to watch their daughter go to school.

Everyone is owed the inalienable right to freedom that Mamtha now enjoys. She’s got big plans for her future – dreams that never would have been possible if rescue had not come. She says confidently, “Today, I still want to be a doctor. Now that I am back in school, I know I can achieve my dream.

This November we stand boldly against slavery. Join with us by wearing yellow all month as we advocate to bring light, joy, and hope to those who wait for justice.

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